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April 30th is National Window Film Day- educating the public of the benefits of 3M Window Film

You know something is important when we have a national day to recognize it on the calendar! The big day is coming so be sure to put this on your books and stay tuned to get smarter than ever about

3M Window Films help save on utility bills year round

SAVE ON UTILITY BILLS YEAR ROUND. According to the Department of Energy, windows are responsible for as much as 30% of the total cooling load in commercial buildings. 3M Company has been helping building owners, property managers, facility engineers, and

Looking for AIA Approved CEU Credits for 2015?

Is your interior design staff or architects looking AIA CEU credits for the 2015 season? CEU courses on 3M Window Films are offered here, or contact us at 570-451-1655 to schedule a Lunch and Learn with Sun Control Plus. Sun

Untreated windows with direct sunlight in your home or office can pose health risk

Studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine and Clinical Interventions In Aging suggested that office workers, commuters and residents who are regularly exposed to indoor sunlight may be at risk for certain health problems. The two independent investigations assessed whether