3M Traditional Series High-Performing Neutral Reflective Films High heat reduction. These tinted, reflective, energy conservation window films combine high heat reduction with a quick return on investment.

Architects and engineers have discovered the benefit of energy conservation window films for their clients. The best source of heat loss and gain in any building is through its windows. Windows account for 10 to 25% of heating bills according to the EERE (U.S. Department of Energy/Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy).

traditional office building with energy conservation window filmsBenefits of 3M All Season Window Film

  • Up to 69% Solar Heat Reduction
  • Up to 30% Heat Loss
  • Up to 65% Glare Reduction
  • Up to 75% Total Solar Energy Rejected


3M Window Films can enhance the performance of Low-E windows. A window with 3M Window Film installed will block more than 99% of the UV radiation that contributes to heat loss and gain. In addition, 3M Window Films will reduce glare up to 80 percent, can hold broken shards of glass in place, and are a great way to improve your building efficiency.

We provide installation of 3M Traditional Series window films as well as our other options of window films throughout Northeastern PA. Here at Sun Control Plus, we have worked with many business owners and schools to have window films installed. Throughout Scranton, Allentown, the Pocono Mountains, and beyond you will find our work! Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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What good is a multi-year warranty from a company that wasn’t around for very long might not be around 10-15 years from now? Selecting 3M Window Films gives you piece of mind. That’s because we have one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get; backed by a company you know and trust.

* Most Traditional Series films carry a 10 year warranty when professionally installed on a commercial building (See your dealer for specific warranty information).

3M Sun Control Window Films Warranty (PDF, 23 Kb)

3M Sun Control / All Season Window Film

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.06.52 PMWhy the need for 3M Window Film?

  • Reduce A/C bills
  • Reduce heating bills
  • Increase HVAC equipment life
  • Reduce fabric fade
  • Reduce glare and eye discomfort
  • Increase tenant comfort

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.07.01 PMOther product benefits

  • Protect tenants from a nearby explosion
  • Help prevent unwanted entry
  • LEED Sustainable Design
  • Maybe eligible for tax credits