3M Fasara Decorative Window Films

fasara tunkhannock3M Fasara decorative window films add a new dimension to space. These decorative films are applied to glass to create a beautiful etched appearance without the associated high cost. These maintenance-free, fingerprint-resistant films create a uniform rice paper appearance that is not typically found in traditional window films. Light is dispersed softly, rendering a high-class, tranquil atmosphere. Fasara™ films are also suited for interior glass partitions or the inside surface of windows. Lastly, Fasara™ films reduce heat and glare, and block up to 99.9% of UV light to reduce fabric and furniture fade. 3M’s complete line includes Aerina, Altair, Arpa, Arpa Black, Astral Silver, Aura 9, Chamonix, Cielo, Essen, Fine, Fine Crystal, Glace, Illumina, Illumina Silver, Illumina Glace for Plastic, Illumina Glace for Glass, Kanon, Kenun, Lattice, Lattice Glace, Lausanne, Leise, Linen, Lontano, Luce, Luna 6, Luna 9, Luna Cell, Luna Pico, Mat Crystal-i, Mat Crystal 2, Milky Crystal, Milano/Milky White, Nokto, Opaque White, Oslo for Glass, Oslo for Plastic, Paracell, Pixela, Prism Astral Silver, Prism Noir, Prism Silver, Radius, Rikyu, Robe, Safu, Sagano, San Marino/Milky Milky, Seattle, Seattle Fine, Shizuku, Shutie, Shutie Black, Silver 1, Slat, Slat Glace, Transparent for Glass, Tsurugi, Vega, Venetian, Vista, and Yamato.


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