3M Window Film for Interior Designers and Architects

When looking for or considering window film in architectural or interior design applications, 3M Decorative Glass Finishes such as ones from the Fasara line, are your best bet. These films can enhance privacy while also creating unique designs and partitions. Sun Control Plus specializes in 3M Window Films for Interior Designers and Contractors.

These decorative finishes can be used to control light and privacy while enhancing interiors aesthetics. They can also reduce glare to limit distractions in a room.

3M Window Films offer a variety of benefits to users and are also eligible for AIA-accredited CEU courses.

Best of all, when styles change, you can easily update the look without replacing the glass. This leaves your space uninterrupted by costly and disruptive renovating.

3M Window Film for Facility Managers and Contractors

Any facility manager wants their building to leave a good impression. However, the slightest imperfection can change a guest’s overall view or experience of your space.

At Sun Control Plus, your local 3M Window Film Dealer in Northeast PA, we ensure our products can provide a safe and welcoming experience for all of your guests.

Though sunlight has psychologically positive effects on us, it can also cause discomfort and damage to us and our surroundings. This is where 3M Window Film comes in.

Fasara Decorative Window Films installed at an office building in Allentown PA by Sun Control Plus
3M Window Film Innovations keeping you protected for 50 years

Installing 3M Window Films can:

  • Reduce heating and cooling expenses
  • Fight glare by redirecting sunlight
  • Reduce break-ins
  • Protect furniture and artwork from fading
  • Enhance privacy
  • Save energy
  • Occupant comfort
  • Safety and security