3M Window Films improving Safety and Secruity on your existing glass

Property managers and facility engineers are very aware of the 3-5 year paybacks commonly associated with 3M Window Films, but how many of these same individuals are aware that window films can also be used to enhance the safety and security of their existing glass? The answer … over a million property managers and facility engineers.

3M™ Safety and Security Window Films and Attachment Systems were first developed in 1969 in response to bombings in the United Kingdom. More recently, they were further improved to be the only safety and security window films to offer excellent tear resistance and impact protection, known as 3M™ Ultra Series. Today, these films and attachment systems are used to address numerous everyday safety and security concerns that property managers and security directors are responsible for, including:

  • Helping deter break and entry- 3M Safety and Security Window Film and Attachment Systems have been shown to help deter intruders from entering the building for up to 2 minutes.
  • Bomb blast mitigation- 3M Safety and Security Window Films and Attachment Systems are listed with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and have been tested to federal government facilities bomb blast standards.
  • Upgrading existing glass to safety glass- 3M Safety and Security Window Films have been tested in accordance with safety glass impact standards and in many cases can retrofit existing annealed glass to cost effectively bring the glass up to code.
  • Seismic and spontaneous glass breakage protection- 3M Safety and Security Window Films and Attachment Systems mitigate hazards from shattered glass by helping to maintain the broken glass within the frame of the window. Tempered safety glass can spontaneously break due to nickel sulfide inclusions, which may cause glass to rain down on occupants below and leave a dangerous opening in the window frame
  • Graffiti and scratch protection-  3M™ Anti-Graffiti Window Films provide a sacrificial layer to help protect the glass from most scratches, acid etching and tagging. The film is easy to remove and a fraction of the cost of new glass, which helps maintain the pristine image of your facility.

Sun Control Plus has been installing 3M Safety and Security Window Film in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley since 1993

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