3M Window Films Modernize Buildings

When modernizing a space, you typically replace light bulbs, paint, change furniture and update your windows. However, 3M Window Films are an efficient, time-saving way to modernize a space. Different types of window films can help you achieve a certain aesthetic, whether in your home or work space. Along with bringing aesthetic to your space, 3M Window Films are cost effective compared to other daylight solutions, offering up to 52% of lighting energy savings. In addition, they block up to 99% of UV Rays, protecting your interior while keeping your home comfortable. When thinking modernizing, think Sun Control Plus, your certified 3M Window Installer!

For more information about 3M Window Film contact:

Sun Control Plus

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Sun Control Plus has been installing 3M Window Film in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Allentown area, and surrounding cities since 1993! We also install 3M Security Film for school safety and 3M Decorative Fasara Film for commercial privacy. 


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