A Brief History of 3M Window Film

3M Company is the original patent holder for sun control window films, dating back to 1966. Prior to introduction of window films, metallic spray on coatings were used to increase the energy efficiency of installed glass. Spray on coatings were difficult to install and prone to streaking so 3M married the technology of metallic coatings to clear polyester to create the first sun control window films. Three years later in 1969, 3M introduced clear security window films to help hold broken glass in place in response to terrorist bombings in Europe. With the energy crisis of the 1970s, 3M introduced low emissivity (Low-E) window films to help keep man-made heat inside the building envelope during the winter which afforded building occupants year round benefits.

Over the years, 3M window films have evolved, becoming longer lasting, more durable, and more efficient. Today, 3M manufactures metal-free window films that achieve such high performance levels yet the casual observer cannot tell that they have been installed on the glass. Millions and millions of square feet of 3M window films have been installed on glass nationwide, providing building owners, office workers, homeowners, and motorists numerous benefits.

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