Benefits of 3M Window Film

Sun exposure, especially for long periods of time, can cause furniture, artwork, and flooring to lose color and over time break down.  This can happen in either a home or business setting, however 3M Window Films installed by Sun Control Plus can protect your space! There are many benefits to having films in either a casual or professional space. Our films reject up to 78% of solar heat and filter visible light. Additionally, they block up to 99% of UV Rays to keep your furniture, artwork, flooring, and other valuables safe, while keeping you comfortable in your home.

Scranton Courthouse 3M Window Film installed by Sun Control Plus.

3M commercial window films can help in comfort and privacy aspects of a workplace. In addition to reducing utility expenses, commercial window film also improves your workers’ experience in the following ways: Reducing glare from computer screens and solar hot spots, increasing privacy, and improving security and safety.

For example, 3M Prestige Window Films allow high transmission of natural light into your home, keeping your aesthetic in tact.

These multi-layer films save on energy and enhance comfort by rejecting up to 97% of infrared light. They have low interior and exterior reflectivity, giving you the same window view you’ve always enjoyed.

3M Night Vision 25 installed near Lehigh Valley by Sun Control Plus. These films feature 72% glare reduction.

The benefits of installing window film in your home or business are endless. Not only are you protected from UV rays, you benefit in comfort and privacy as well. Whether you are located in Stroudsburg, Easton, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Dallas, Clarks Summit, Waverly, or the Poconos, Sun Control Plus has a film for you. Covering Northeastern Pennsylvania and parts of Binghamton, NY, we are happy to be your local 3M window film dealer.  

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