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Keep Your Students Safe with 3M Safety and Security Window Films

In the past few decades, schools across the country have become huge targets for mass shootings. This is an incredibly scary and dangerous time for young children to be attending school each day. To protect our young ones from threats, it is important to have security window films installed for greater protection. Although window films are unable to stop bullets, they can slow down or prevent a shooter from entering the building. Below is a breakdown of the types of films we offer that are perfect for schools looking for a greater sense of security.

3M Ultra Prestige Series Window Films

This series has 42 micro-layers of tear-resistant Ultra safety film, making it the peak of technology in the window film industry. Despite these protective layers, it allows up to 70% of natural sunlight to pass through so your students won’t be left in the dark. They are also great for areas that experience lots of severe weather throughout the year. For areas that are exposed to extreme sunlight, especially in the South, this film will reject up to 97% of the sun’s Infrared rays.

3M Ultra Series Window Films

Just like the Prestige Series, the Ultra also has 42 micro-layers of tear-resistant safety film. Compared to regular polyester films, the 3M Ultra Series offers greater protection against impact and blasts. Whether you choose a clear or sun-controlled film, the Ultra Series lets in up to 50% natural light, perfect for schools that receive intense sunlight during the day. Whether public or private, your school will benefit in safety from a 3M Ultra Series Window Film.

3M Safety Series Window Films

Broken glass from natural disasters and human threats are a serious concern for administrators, but the 3M Safety Series is designed to prevent just that. These films contain a thicker adhesive that is specially designed to hold broken glass together, which creates a harder obstacle for a shooter or even tree branch to break through. Not only is it tough against intruders, but also UV rays that can cause fading on the inside of your school.

Thinking steps ahead of intruders is key to keeping your students protected. All children deserve a safe space for them to grow and learn, and the 3M Security Window Films are designed with their well-being in mind. Reach out to Sun Control Plus today to schedule a consultation and have 3M films installed throughout Scranton, Allentown, Monroe County and all across Northeast PA.

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