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Lehigh Valley Hospital Library Renovation in Allentown

Sun Control Plus was recently a part of the renovations at Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest in Allentown. The library and physicians private area needed to be separated from the hospital hallway for privacy, but not so separate that the library felt disconnected or hidden. Our solution was a very modern appearance with glass finishing that has a fabric texture on it. The 3M Fasara Linen SH2FGLN privacy glass film is perfect for a comfortable and modern setting like this one. This privacy film lets people see through both ways while keeping a mild veil of separation that allows people in the library to enjoy their research in peace.

This renovation is only one of the most recent of the growing Lehigh Valley Health Network. The Cedar Crest hospital in Allentown has been around since 1974 and has been adapting and growing to the people it serves. Sun Control Plus is proud and glad to be able to provide some privacy in a modern style to those using the Cedar Crest library.

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