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Looking for a way to save money? Look No Further than Your Windows.

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One way you can save money on your energy bill is by installing 3M window films on your office building windows. Want to know how? Allow us to share some details.

Fastest Payback

With 3M window films, you’ll start to see savings right away and see your investment back in your pocket in about three years. Whether you live in Stroudsburg, Pa or in beautiful Glenmaura Moosic, Pa or lake side at Wallenpaupack, Pa you’ll be saving money 365 days a year!

Year-Round Savings

Do you notice in the summer months it is too hot by the windows, while in the winter months you can feel the cold seeping in through your windows? Our 3M Low-E window films are designed to help with that! They can retain heat during the winter months and keep the cool air inside during the summer months.

No Matter Your Business, You Can Save

3M window films are great for any type of business. Besides having a 3-year payback, other ways that 3M window films benefit your business include:

  • Office Buildings: They can not only save energy costs, they can actually help you qualify for LEED credits.
  • Hotels: Increase your guests’ comfort while helping to reduce energy costs, which will help you to stay competitive with your prices.
  • Healthcare: Energy is the largest operating expense, window films can help reduce that cost. Along with that, you can help to increase your patients’ comfort.

Tired of high energy bills? 

Look no further than Sun Control Plus for your window film needs! Our 3M window films not only provide added security and privacy but can also help reduce your energy costs.

Our commercial films, including the Thinsulate Window Film and Ceramic Series, are perfect for businesses looking to save on heating and cooling costs. Meanwhile, our residential window films, such as the Night Vision Series and Ceramic Series, are ideal for those living in waterfront properties or areas with harsh sunlight. Plus, our Safety and Security Window Films are a must-have for schools and businesses concerned about safety. With two convenient locations in Old Forge and the Poconos, we provide window film installation throughout Northeast PA, including Stroudsburg, Glenmaura, Moosic, Wallenpaupack, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how our 3M window films can save you money and enhance your property!

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