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Preparing for Back to School: Benefits of Window Film

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As the summer draws to a close, schools across Pennsylvania are gearing up for a new academic year. Our team wants to discuss the importance of using window film to prepare your buildings for the back-to-school season. With our experience, we can help educational institutions create a learning environment that is optimal for both students and staff. Let’s look into the benefits and features of window film!

Optimize Learning Spaces

For students to achieve success, an ideal learning environment is crucial! Our window film can significantly decrease excessive glare and temperatures that can hinder the learning experience. Glares are common across computer screens and whiteboards, where they can result in eye strain or a distraction for students. Similarly, rising temperatures that are uncomfortable for students can affect concentration and focus. Window film allows natural light to enter the room, but will minimize glare on certain surfaces and will keep a cool and comfortable temperature for learning activities. Finally, it will also decrease the amount of harmful UV rays that are present in the classroom.

Safety & Security

The safety and security of students and staff is the highest priority of an education institution. Window film is able to enhance safety measures in multiple ways. More commonly, if a window is broke by accident or from a storm, our window film provides fragment retention to prevent the material from flying everywhere. On the other hand, window film can also be another barrier that delays intruders from entering the building. This gives students or staff more time to evacuate, or more time for law enforcement to arrive on the premise. For trespassers, window film can prevent graffiti, scratches, or other forms of vandalism, saving your facility both time and money since repairs won’t be needed!

Energy Efficiency

To decrease overall costs, window film can also lower energy costs and increase sustainability. As mentioned before, since rising temperatures can be avoided, there won’t be a major burden on air conditioning systems or other cooling units. For colder periods of the year, window film can also provide extra insulation to keep the temperatures indoor stable.

Why Choose Sun Control Plus?

With our team, we understand the aspects of your building and what might be unique for your facility. We have years of experience in the industry, with the knowledge and expertise to deliver a tailored solution that meets your requirements. Our window film offers high quality, exceptional performance, durability, and longevity. Our installation team can ensure precision and installation that won’t disrupt other preparations of your building. To choose the correct window film for your school, visit our commercial products page and browse what’s currently available!

Don’t skip out on using window film for the upcoming school year! These benefits are a game changer to let your students and staff excel. If you’re not convinced yet, browse our website to check out more information and details we couldn’t fit into a single blog. Our services are available in Scranton, Carbondale, Lehigh County, Kingston PA, and more! Don’t hesitate to contact us through phone, email, or by filling out the form on our contact page.