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Why Choose 3M Window Film?

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Sun Control Plus is an official 3M Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealer, but what does that mean? 3M Window Films have a long history, and with that a long line of work and products that makes 3M a premier window films producer.

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3M started in the early 1900’s and has only grown and learned over the past century. They now create products for over 70 countries and have their work in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and more. Additionally, 3M received the original window film patent in the mid 1900’s, and has time and experience to build the best window films on the market.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

While 3M window films are top of the line, there is always the chance for something to go wrong. That’s why 3M window films come with a warranty that covers the materials and workmanship of a film if it bubbles, peels, or cracks. Additionally, if for some reason the window film was defective, 3M also covers replacing it with a brand new film. These warranties are long lasting, too, because 3M window films are built to last. Some window films can last up to a couple decades.

Don’t waste your money on another product that may not cover the costs of a defect.

Experience and Quality

3M window films are well-designed and are made of only the best materials to make the best and most durable window films possible. And they should be well-designed, as 3M owns the original window film patent and has had time to experiment and discover the best way to make window films. This level of quality is why Sun Control Plus has advanced training and authorization to install and guide installation of 3M window films in your home, office, or school.


The 3M window film line includes multiple types of film for different purposes.

3M Fasara Decorative Finish

Get privacy in style with decorative films that put stripes, patterns, and other pleasing shapes on your interior or exterior windows. Choose a design that fits your professional aesthetic. Or if you have a lakehouse or beach house, you may want to block out neighboring houses or roads so you can keep to your own little piece of paradise.

Fasara Decorative Window Films installed at an office building in Allentown PA by Sun Control Plus

Sun Control

Window films for blocking most of the harsh UV rays from the sun while still allowing a comfortable amount of natural light in. It can also reduce heat passing in or out of the windows. If you live in the Poconos or Lake Wallenpaupack, the glare in the morning or evening can be blinding, but with glare protection you can still enjoy the view.

Night Vision Series Window Films Installed by Sun Control Plus in Scranton PA

Safety and Security

Tragedy has become more common in the past decades with shooters targeting their school or office building, so safety window films have become more relevant to protect people. Safety and security window films are designed to hold glass together when windows shatter so it is more difficult for an intruder to break through. Films can also come in tinted with privacy and safety versions, so you can keep outsiders from looking into rooms they shouldn’t get into.

Ultra Series Window Films are a perfect protection for schools


It can be difficult to balance privacy and decor in a building, so privacy films are a great solution. Office meeting rooms can still feel open and friendly without letting just anybody peek through the windows to eavesdrop. And, a quiet research space can let in natural light without letting in the distractions of people walking past.

So Why Sun Control Plus?

We are an authorized 3M window film dealer with the knowledge and experience necessary to install high-quality window film in your home, school, hospital, or office. Additionally, we are the only 3M Prestige window film dealer in Northeast Pennsylvania. From Bethlehem to the Poconos to Binghamton NY, Sun Control Plus takes the time to handle each installation with a hands-on approach and guide you through the best film options for your needs.