Heat Rejection and Privacy for your Home and Business

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While many building owners look at window film for its cost-effective, heat rejection attributes, some choose window film to increase privacy in their home or office. 3M Company currently offers multiple product lines for commercial use; many are interior applications for heat rejection, safety and security, or increased visibility. However, the Night Vision Series window film, and 3M Fasara are great products by 3M that can be used to increase the aesthetics of your building and offer additional privacy.

These two lines are different in nature and function, but are becoming increasingly popular low cost options for those who want to increase privacy at a reasonable price point.

The Night Vision Series is offered in several VLTs including 15, 25, and 35. This line of window film was designed to increase visibility at night and block the sun’s dangerous UV rays during the day. NV-15 and NV-25, the darker VLTs of the series, have a high exterior reflectivity to provide privacy during the daytime. The film is also designed with a low interior reflectivity to prevent the obstruction of views from the inside of the building and even enhance visibility at night. This film carries a 12 year warranty for commercial use when installed by an approved 3M authorized dealer.

3M Fasara is a decorative window film which comes in 50+ patterns and can be installed at a fraction of the cost for traditional window sandblasting. You can use 3M Fasara to increase the aesthetics of your office space and add privacy to lobbies, conference rooms, offices, and other areas. 3M offers a limited 5-year warranty which covers cracking, peeling, bubbling, and other quality related issues.

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