3M Safety and Security Window Films

May 14, 2019

At Sun Control Plus, your local certified 3M Window Film Installer, we recommend using 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films  to protect your school students and faculty from threats such as severe weather, break-ins, and any other harm that may come in a school setting. These films are designed to help hold the glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from flying glass, and creating a strong barrier to protect students in the case of danger. 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films are available in clear, safety-only versions, or as a combination film with both sun control and safety features. With 42 micro-layers of strong, tear-resistant Ultra safety film that still reduces up to 78 percent of rays from the sun, 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films have all of the benefits you need in terms of safety and security.

In addition to protecting from potential threats, these window films also reduce fading on your furnishings and floors, on which the single-most damage caused is by solar heat and light. While protecting from the solar heat and light, the 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films are reducing your air conditioning and heating costs. Our products help reduce up to 78 percent of the sun’s heat that comes through the window by redirecting it away from your school. Our films ensure monthly savings on your utility bills.

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